Sometimes it’s hard to know where to start. This is especially true when doing something like introducing a new department, and thus a new way of working, into an organization. In my experience, hiring the right people is only half the battle. As a leader, your real work lies in setting those people up for long-term success. Creating organizational alignment and implementing the right processes at the right time is vital to enable your design team to do their best work. Having now built design teams at several startups, here are a few things that have worked well for me.

Be an Evangelist for Product Design Within Your Company

This post is not titled “5 Weird Tricks to Take Your Designs to the Next Level.” This list is going to seem obvious, and that is precisely why I created it. As you improve as a designer, it’s all too easy to skip (intentionally or otherwise) the fundamentals that will help you produce your best work. Nine times out of ten when a design project is going in circles the root cause can be traced back to one of these steps being skipped.

Don’t Start Solutioning Before Defining the Problem (and Scope)

Without a well-defined problem for a specific persona, your project is doomed. Especially when working in a…

Adam W Draper

Design leader focused on growing and mentoring effective design teams.

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