The Leader I Strive To Be

Adam W Draper
1 min readSep 1, 2021

My Leadership Mission

To serve by fostering a culture that enables my team to do the best work of their lives while also challenging them to grow both professionally and personally.

My #1 priority is to ensure my team members are effective, healthy, and proud of the work they are producing. I want to know they are excited about the progress they’re making towards any goals they may have.

When I think over my career, the leaders under which I grew the most were the ones that invested in me both professionally and personally.

They used their experience to guide me along the way while always encouraging me to own my decisions. They took the time to understand me, my life, and the goals that I have. They added perspective when I was struggling and kept me focused on achieving the goals I set.

These are the same things I strive to give my teams, by leading by example with my transparency, honesty, and understanding.

In the spirit of transparency, a trait like understanding doesn’t exactly come easy to me. I am naturally an excitable person and love to jump in to take action. But taking the time to fully understand a situation or giving people and their decisions the benefit of the doubt has been a major focus of my own personal development because it is a common trait I’ve seen in the leaders I most admire.



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